Getting back in the saddle with a new horse!

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Getting back in the saddle should involve planning and preparation.

Getting back in the saddle should involve planning and preparation. A recent visitor and new client at Rose Hill Ranch Paso Finos, Jody is planning to get back in the saddle after years of not riding. Although Jody has been involved with horses much of her life, she has not been riding for years. Recently Jody contacted me through our website inquiring about a safe trail horse for someone like her, and having several possible candidates we began discussing her riding history, her plans for the type of riding she would prefer, the size and temperment of a horse that might fit her, as well as when she plans to start riding. Having covered these areas, we started looking at the herd and which horse might fit her needs now, or in the very near future since she plans to start riding as soon as she retires in a few months. Jody was initially drawn to a nice mare I had, but we kept looking and discussing other possiblities then finally agreed that the best fit would be a nice buckskin gelding RH El Dorado. When Jody called to discuss her needs with me I was impressed that she had spent considerable time thinking things out in terms of the type of horse she would need as far as temperment, age, size, etc. and what she thought she would need to do to prepare herself. So, having a plan for the horse, we started discussing what she would need for her to be prepared once she was ready to start riding. For the next few months it was decided to keep El Dorado in training to advance him to a higher level of communication and skills as well as exposing him to more new situations to prepare him for most anything she may want to do. Secondly, the plan is for Jody to attend private and group rider confidence clinics at Keith Andries Horsemanship (, covering everything from horse handling to trail and obstacle challenges, rein management, as well as rider cues, to prepare her mentally and physically for her new equine activities. We are excited for Jody, and looking forward to helping her achieve her goals!

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