Grulla Paso Fino Gelding Don Daniel finds forever home!

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Finding forever home for Paso Fino Gelding took some time.

Grulla Paso Fino Gelding Don Daniel aka Zeus finds his forever home! Congratulations to the new owner of a "transformed" Grulla Paso Fino known as Zeus! He has found a forever home in Illinois with his new owner Shauna, who is obviously very happy to be taking him north for the winter! We couldnt be happier for horse and owner to be moving towards developing a lifelong relationship with many years of riding and companionship to come. It was 4 years ago that a frightened and insecure "Zeus" came to the ranch to be trained to stand for the farrier. However, the challenges for Zeus were much bigger than that, and after a short period with us his owner decided it was more than he was prepared to deal with and we purchased Zeus, and took on the challenge of rehab. His training continued as time would permit and much of his time was spent learning how to "be a horse" by living with a herd and learning his place with the other horses. With each new training challenge he became more confident and respectful leading him to trust me more and more each day until he became the horse he is today. Happy Trails

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