Trail obstacle training video - Cerezo


Trail obstacle training video with Cerezo demonstrates the results of retraining this gelding. In this training video, the horse is asked to encounter unfamiliar riding situations and trusting the rider enough to "think" instead of "react" , then follow through with the rider's request. While it may look like we are just taking a ride around the man made obstacles, consider some things the horse is being asked to do, some examples are... calmly cross over a series of logs without stepping on them or tripping over them, walking forward through a serpentine then backing through the same serpentine which required him to yield his hindquarters as well as his forquarters, climb a hill then back down, climb to the top of the hill then yield his hindquarter 180 degrees and back down the hill, place his front feet on elevated tire obstacles of different heights as well as climb on top and walk over one, and finally willingly cross through water (looks like fun right?)